Ingredients:     2 lb of beef, 20 pieces of shallots, 10 pieces of garlic, 150 gram red chili pepper, 50 gram ginger, 10 pieces of clove leaves, 60 gr kunyit, 300 gr candle nut, 5 helai salam, 8 cups of thick coconut milk, 8 cups of thin coconut milk.


    * Cut beef into several-bite sized pieces, and boil until half done
    * Skin shallots, garlic, and mix with chili, ...
    * Brown this spice mix for a few minutes
    * Boil beef and this spice mix in the thin coconut milk
    * Put in daun
    * Boil until dry
    * Add thick coconut milk, boil until coconut milk dries while mixing it occassionally