Sambal Goreng Petai

Ingredients:     7 eggs, 4 strings of "petai", 3 cups thick coconut milk, 250 gr ground beef, 4 pieces garlic, 6 pieces of shallots, 6 piece of red chili peppers, 20 gr javanese lemon, 1 tea spoon sugar, salt and pepper.


    * Remove the yoke of the eggs (use just the whites) Skin petai
    * Slice shallots, brown a little bit.
    * Mix ground beef with 2 egg whites, mix with sald, pepper to taste.
    * Form small balls.
    * Let the javanese lemon sit in a cup of water The rest of the egg whites put in a place holder, and steam cook
    * Cut into cube sized pieces
    * Grind chili, garlic, and add sugar
    * Heat pan with a little cooking oil, add shallots and the garlic mix above, followed by the petai a few minutes later.
    * Put in the javanese-lemon water, followed by the ground beef balls, add salt and pepper.
    * Let simmer for a while, then add the rest of the coconut milk and the egg-white cubes.
    * et simmer for another 3 minute.

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