Gado - Gado


Ingredients:     Lettuces, A small bunch of long beans, Young cabbage, 1 cucumber, Tofu, 100 gr soyabean cake, 2 eggs, 5 pieces of red chili pepper, 5 pieces of small chili pepper (jalapeno or scotch bonnet), 3 pieces of shallots, 100 gr. peanuts, lemon, brown sugar, and salt.


    * Fry an egg and soyabean cake
    * Cut into small pieces
    * Boil one egg and slice it
    * Boil young cabbage, long beans, and slice them
    * Peanut sauce:
    * Fry peanuts
    * Slice shallots, and brown with chili peppers
    * Mix and grind all these with brown sugar, lemon, salt and pepper, and boil with a little bit of water. (Use this sauce with satay as well)